Day 54: Just Focus

Day 54: Core Synergistics (Phase II Rest Week)

It is finally Friday! It has been a tough week at work and even tougher with school. My final term paper is due on Sunday (20 page research paper). Ouch… This weekend is going to be a tough one. Enough ranting… On to business! P90X!

Today wasn’t so bad. You can actually get a pretty good ab workout out of Core Synergistics, but you need to put everything ounce of energy that you have into focusing on the abs. Stay flexed the WHOLE time and don’t forget to breath! This was the biggest challenge for me. I had to force myself to keeping a steady breathing pattern.

Diet went well today. I have a little bit more eating that I need to do. We had a big event at work today and I was running around nonstop. Lunch was about two hours late and that pushed my snack back even more. I will probably just eat a high protein dinner and call it a day.

Tip of the day: Life gets busy with work, school, and a million other things. Try to stay on schedule with your eating. If not, at least make sure that you stay hydrated! A lack of water will really drain your energy level so make sure to drink up. Cheers! (water that is)

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