Day 53: I think I’m addicted to P90X

Day 53: Stretch X (Phase II Rest Week)

Stretch X just wasn’t cutting it today. I needed the real stuff… Yoga X, Core Synergistics, Plyometrics! I want to be pushed to the edge. Is there some kind P90X anonymous group that I can join? I think I have a problem… though it is a good problem to have.

Diet went well today. I have come a far way in this area. I don’t even have cravings for crappy foods. When someone talks about sugary snack or soda, I automatically start thinking about how bad that stuff is; worthless; yuck! I am proud to say that I was able to quit my bad eating habits cold turkey. Well… that’s not entirely true because I do eat A LOT of turkey cold cuts on the P90X diet. Anyways…

Tip of the Day: Trust the program. I was half tempted to pop in Yoga X today, but I didn’t. Tony put a lot of thought into P90X. Rotating muscle groups, stretching to prevent injury… I am sure he had a reason for making us sleep through Stretch X twice in rest week. Maybe its the whole muscle confusion thing. I do admit that I saw huge results about 7 days after the first rest week. I am going to have to trust P90X on this one.

4 responses to “Day 53: I think I’m addicted to P90X

  1. Haha, yesterday I almost fell asleep while doing X Stretch and you’re right, after you do Yoga X for a while, X Stretch is a walk in the park!

    Your progress is going so well. I am a little nervous with my Day 60 picture as I don’t see much change on my abs and don’t even hope much for the toned arms…haha.

    • Don’t worry, the progress is come. I am sure that you made more progress on abs than you think you did. Maybe you should try the whey protein. It will help build the muscles and burn more fat. You are only 2/3s of the way through. The 90 day results will be there!

  2. I feel you on that StretchX. Could not bring myself to do it last night. Hope to make it up Sunday.

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