Day 52: Was Rome Built in 90 Days?

Day 52: Kenpo X (Phase II Rest Week)

Kenpo X wasn’t bad today. It felt good to get in a good cardio workout after a slow start to the week.

Although the workout was nice, I wanted to use today’s entry to blog about some thoughts on my expected 90 day results.  I have been putting a lot of pressure on myself lately, and I needed to step back and see the bigger picture. I don’t want to doubt that amazing things are going to happen over the next 40 days; I have faith that they will! I have already had unbelievable results over the first 50 days. But today I realized that I am just at the beginning of a long journey.

When I started, I wanted to be ripped in 90 days. However, I ate fast food a few times a week and wasn’t active at all. I had a lot of body fat that I needed to drop. Half way through the program, I have dropped 12 pounds of body fat! I still have a little more to go. You can have the biggest muscles in the world, but they aren’t going to show through if you have the body fat of an “average” person. 

I have heard that fat burns away faster as your muscles get larger. I hope this will push me to ripped in 90 days, but we will see… Maybe my first 90 days is just going to drop all of my body fat and get me to a realistic starting point for becoming ripped in round two. Maybe round two will push me over the edge. Would I be disappointed if this were the case? No. 

Maybe I need to start looking at P90X from the Mayan perspective. I am only in the first cycle. What do I want to achieve in round one? What do I want to achieve in round two? Round three?

Tip of the day: Rome wasn’t built in 90 days. Be patient! This is the lesson that I am learning. I am really looking forward to blogging “Day 360 complete!”


4 responses to “Day 52: Was Rome Built in 90 Days?

  1. Pete,

    The protein I am using currently is the cheapo stuff from walmart and it actually has 3grams of creatine per scoop in it. If you start taking creatine just remember to stay extremely hydrated!

    • Thanks Chris,

      I was debating on using the MuscleTech pills, but a lot of forums are recommending using a cheap monohydrate powder to start and cycling it.
      I am hoping to start creatine on Monday, so I have a few more days to decide.

      One more thing… Some say that they get aggitated easily or more on edge when taking creatine. Have you noticed any difference in your mood?

  2. I feel the same way as you do too. I don’t really expect to be totally ripped by day 90, seeing that I still can’t do push up properly on my knees. Also my back bone feels a bit hurt if I try to bend back and not to mention my knees feel a bit stiff if I stand up too long.

    I am also debating taking any protein shake. Will it actually help me to build lean muscle? I want to give soy protein a try since not sure I’ll like whey protein taste.

    • Hi Hattori,

      I highly recommend supplementing whey protein. Your muscles need protein to repair and grow. It will definately help you build lean muscle since you are doing P90X every day. Also, if you are sticking to the P90X diet or even trying to come close, it is almost impossible to consume enough protein without using whey. I have tried a few whey proteins over the years and found the following to be my favorite:

      Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard™ Double Rich Chocolate

      In the morning I mix one or two scoops into 12 oz of soy milk. It tastes just like chocolate milk! My favorite drink of the day.
      Then I drink two more shakes throughout the day using cold water as the mix. It is tolerable and I don’t love or hate the taste.

      Each scoop provides 24 grams of protein. 3 grams of carbs per serving (1 of those being sugar).

      Warning: Whatever whey protein you decide to go with, make sure to buy chocolate flavor. Vanilla and fruitty flavors are HORRIBLE.

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