Day 51: Not So Sure How I Feel……

Day 51: Core Synergistics

I am still trying to get a feel for Core Synergistics. In many ways it feels like  mix of stretch and resistance. By the end of the workout, I feel like I only did half of a resistance workout. The intensity isn’t quite hitting 100%…. One more Core Synergistics to go. Maybe I will end up liking it. For now, the jury is out….

Diet went well today. I found Turkey Pastrami that the grocery store! 2.5 grams of fat per 3 oz serving and it tastes great!

Tip of the Day: If you want to save some money on the diet, find a food that you love (that fits into the diet of course), buy it in bulk, eat it until you can’t stand it, then find the next food that you love. I have been doing this and saving so much money. I also never have to worry about going off diet.

2 responses to “Day 51: Not So Sure How I Feel……

  1. I just had my first day of Core Synergistics today and I am having the same feelings as you, I wish it was not recovery week. I did however get rocked by the plank to chaturanga maneuver. I was reading that you get the most weight loss results in the last 30 days so you are just about to enter the home stretch keep busting your butt!


    • Thanks Chris,

      I was weighed in by a professional trainer a week prior to starting, then again on Monday.
      She said that:

      1. I have lost 10.6 lbs of body weight
      2. I have lost 12.0 lbs. of body fat

      I saw the biggest change around days 35-40. I only have a little more body fat to go. I am really hoping that I can build some muscle over the next 40 days. I am debating heavily on creatine. Some people say, go for it. Others say that you only gain water weight and you lose it immediately after stopping the creatine. What do you think? Have you, or have you thought about supplementing creatine?

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