Day 49: About to Enter Rest Week

Day 49: Legs, Back, and Ab Ripper X (Make Up)

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the sporadic posts this week. I promise to get back on track. Being sick put me behind in multiple areas of life. I took care of educational responsibilities, made up my workouts, and I am ready to go! Finishing day 49, I can’t believe that I am half way through. I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I am hoping for better ab results by day 60. We will see if I can acheive that goal. It is funny how this program works. I really didn’t see good looking abs until around day 35. It was like they showed up overnight. Maybe it will happen again.

I am about to start rest week, but I am getting more and more excited about entering Phase Three. My goal is a nice toned six-pack by the end of 90 days. I really want to hit my goal and I am willing to kick it up a notch. My plan:

  • Start supplementing create
  • Stay on a strict 45% Protein/35% Carb/20% Fat diet
  • Double Ab Ripper X on resistance days (once before the workout, once after)

I am also starting to think about what will come after the 90 days is up; Maybe P90X round two, maybe add P90X Plus, maybe Insanity. We will see… I know Insanity is in my future, but I may have to wait untill fall when I can move out of the apartment and into a house. I need more space and I know that I drive my downstairs neighbor crazy everytime I do Plyo…

Tip of the day: Start thinking about your next step NOW! What will come at the end of 90 days? If you get there and it takes you a few weeks to find out, you maybe start slacking and get a little lazy on the diet. If you are one of the few people with the willpower and determination to complete 90 days, don’t risk losing your results. Day 90 really needs to be the graduation day that launches you into your new fitness lifestyle.

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