Day 48: Back on Track

Day 48: Yoga X and Kenpo X

After four days of being sick, I could finally breath! This is great! The double workout wasn’t so bad because I grouped the two easiest days together. The make up plan went well and I am happy to say that I made up all of my workouts! I am back on track and can fairly say that I haven’t missed a single P90X workout in my first 90 days. That feels good.

Diet went well. I did have some Thai food (spicy basil vegetables and tofu with brown rice). I kept my portions under control and had them use a smaller amount of vegetable oil while cooking. All of the ingredients are allowed in the P90X diet, but I am sure it is not on the top of the healthy list. IT WAS SO GOOD! I just won’t do it every day. 

Tip of the day: Don’t completely deprive yourself of foods that you love. Make special requests to make your dishes fit into the P90X diet. Restaurants will usually accommodate your requests because they don’t want to be known as not having any healthy choices.

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