Day 45: Luck of the Irish! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Day 45: Suppose to be Back/Biceps/Ab Ripper (Made Up Triceps, Shoulders, Back, and Ab Ripper X)

So I am still sick… Not very lucky for someone who is half Irish, but being half-way through P90X on St. Patty’s day seems lucky enough for me. It started with a fever, went to a sore throat, and is lingering as head congestion. Not fun. The head congestion has been the worst because I could barely breath for the last few days. Cardio was out of the question. I finally pulled myself out of bed today and knocked out Triceps, Shoulders, Back, and Ab Ripper X. Woohoo! Progress..

I am now two days behind, but I can be flexible and make up the resistance over the next few days. Next week is rest week, so I won’t be doing any real resistance. Therefore, here is my final schedule for this week is:

  • Wednesday –  Chest, Shoulders & Triceps, Ab Ripper (Today)
  • Thursday – Plyometrics 
  • Friday – Back & Biceps, Ab Friday
  • Saturday – Yoga X 
& Kenpo X 
  • Sunday – Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X 

I refuse to miss a single workout. This is not P89X. 

Tip of the day: We are humans. We all get sick sometimes. If you are unable to complete your workout, or congested to the point that you can’t breath during cardio… Treat sick days as rest days, be creative, and make up your workouts!


4 responses to “Day 45: Luck of the Irish! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. Hi Pete

    Funny thing, I was terribly sick on tuesday and couldn’t do plyometrics. I didn’t do yoga on last saturday either. So I should fit in these two workouts in my schedule sometime. I may do plyo today and do today’s yoga on sunday. I felt terrible about not working out but I had to rest, there wasn’t much I could do about it. I guess I felt guilty about not reporting my progress to you. I had a dream yesterday; p90x was over and your results were amazing but I didn’t get real results because I quit at the half way. You see, I’m not comfortable with slacking off even when I’m asleep 🙂

    Today is a national holiday in Turkey. We celebrate our troops’ victory over the invaders in Çanakkale during WWI. Even 15 year old kids defended our country at the time. I visited the battle area a few years ago. I saw the graves of martyrs who were younger than me when they fought for our freedom. At that time 50 high school kids from Istanbul wanted to fight and enlisted in the army. Their school building was being used as a hospital during the war and it was painted yellow. When they died in the battle the other kids at school dyed the windows black as symbol of their grief. Today that school still uses yellow and black as it’s colors. There were no graduates that year because all of the class of 1915 was dead. We all owe so much to them. Wow, I got so emotional 🙂 I was writing about p90x, how did I even get here?!

    Anyway, I enjoyed the new workouts this week. I really felt the burn in my back and biceps yesterday. Just when I was starting to get bored Tony switched and spiced the things up. To my surprise ab ripper x is not killing me anymore. I can even do the extras in mason twist without feeling a great amount of discomfort. Maybe it was about the rest day I took but I felt great yesterday. Hope I can keep this up!

    Take care 😉

    • Hi Sena,

      I am glad to hear from you! It sounds like you are getting back on track from your rough week. You have a game plan to make up workouts and everything! Don’t worry about your dream. I know you are already seeing great results. You are well into phase II.

      I hope that you are having a good holiday and enjoying the celebrations. I really don’t think that U.S. does enough to celebrate their troops. We have Memorial Day once a year that honors all those who have given their lives through military service, but we don’t do as much to recognize our living veterans. Pretty sad, because a lot of them have come back/are coming back to society with ongoing ailments and psychological disorders. They really need support now, and it is almost like society forgets about them.

      Anyways…. P90X. Enjoy the new workouts! I love Biceps and back. I know you can keep this up. You are almost half way through.

      Don’t be a stranger.

  2. I also hate to miss a single workout. Last night I thought I wouldn’t get up on time this morning because of lack of sleep, but I still managed somehow. At some point, I might be stressing myself too much by keep track on my timing (come home, make dinner, clean up, shower and go to bed before 10 pm if possible).

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