Day 42: Falling Asleep with Stretch X

Day 42: Stretch X

Sorry for the late posting. I spent most of the Day 42 morning cleaning, completing a website project for a friend, and studying. Around 4:00 p.m. I took my mid-term exam in my first MBA class. It went fairly well (92%), but I didn’t like the wording on one of the questions. Oh well; that’s life. After the exam, I finally started Stretch X. It was slow, long, but relaxing. After finishing I immediately rushed off to hang out with friends until 11:30 p.m.. By the time that I came home, I was exhausted and couldn’t bring myself sit down and type up a quality post. I needed some sleep before another long work week.

Diet was good yesterday. Egg beaters galoure!

Tip of the day: Go with the flow. I like to plan out my days and excersises so that I stay on a routine. It feels really good to know that I have time scheduled to work out. However, that is not a realistic approach to life. Somedays will be crazier than others, but you need to find the time to fit in P90X. Make it one of the top two priorities for the day and you will get it done.

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