Day 41: Working Up a Sweat with Kenpo X

Day 41: Kenpo X

Just when I start to think that P90X is getting easy, the program comes back and kicks my butt. That is exactly what happened with Kenpo X today. I was dripping sweat by the end of the hour and it felt wonderful. The only problem that I had was hydration. I tried to take small sips of water during the break, but started to get a cramp half way through. Ouch! It wasn’t too bad so I kept going and it went away.

Diet was good today. Lots of protein!

Tip of the day: Drink plenty of water spread throughout the day when you have cardio workouts. If you realize that you haven’t drank enough water and try to compensate right before, or during the workout, you will pay for it.


4 responses to “Day 41: Working Up a Sweat with Kenpo X

  1. hey just found your blog. your transformation is awesome already. i looked at your pic from day 1 and you have definitely made serious progres! keep up the good work.

    i’m doing p90x now too but not really to be cut or anything. i have enough muscle tone for a girl. haha. ive had it for ever 3 years or so but i was getting sick of my own lifting routine so i thought i’d try these workouts. they’re pretty good. i like that they break up different body parts on different days because before i just did full body workouts every other day. i’m not following the nutrition plan exactly but that’s because i eat healthy to begin with.

    well just wanted to let you know that you’re doing a great job and keep up the good work. i can definitely see some ab definition now!

    • Hi Jessica!

      Thanks for finding me and the compliments!

      The P90X program is pretty amazing. I went from no exercise and eating horribly, to 7-day a week workouts and 100% healthy diet. I am glad to hear that you think so highly of the program. It sounds like you have had experience exercising daily and eating healthy. It is good to hear a vote of confidence from an expert.

      I will make sure to check in on your blog every now and again. The food looks delicious! I am really hoping to put on some muscle in the next 45 days. My best friend right now is Egg Beaters. They get a little bland, but they have TONs of protein and NO fat. I have to admit that I am a little jealous of your healthy diet.


  2. I think your Tip of the Day is a good one today, I attempted to catch up on water consumption before a plyometrics day last week since I had not drank enough water all morning. It ended with a sloshing stomach and a side ache that inhibited my performance. Keep up the good work Pete!


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