Day 38: Take It Slow!

Day 38: Biceps and Back, with Ab Ripper X

This is my favorite exercise in P90X. I was really bringing it today. Using 35 lb. weights for nearly everything. My arms are going to feel nice an sore tomorrow. Ab ripper was also really nice. I pushed myself to get those burns with each move. I am nearly half way through the program. Very happy with the abs so far. I have 16 more Ab Ripper X sessions to go. Hopefully I will get that six-pack by summer.

Diet is good, but I really want to cut back on fats even further. I think I am going to do that.

Tip of the day: Take the resistance exercises slow. Press pause as much as you need and use the right weights. Don’t be afraid to slow down. If you push yourself as far as you can go, you will be sweating like crazy the whole way through.

4 responses to “Day 38: Take It Slow!

  1. Hi Pete! Great tip. I did feel rushed during the resistance at times. I work out in the morning before work, and I guess I don’t pause too much in fear of being late! That does make total sense though. Taking time to engage the muscles is way more effective than going super fast. For round 2 I will be sure to get up a little bit earlier so I can take my time and do it right!

    You’re looking good so far! Your arms are going to be cut up if you keep using 35’s! Keep up the good work!


    • Thanks Erin,

      I noticed last week that I was doing the same thing: Trying to keep up with Tony time wise! Sometimes I got lazy and wouldn’t change the weight for fear of falling behind. That made me lift far too much on some exercises and far too little on others. Really pressing pause at each exercise won’t put you behind more than 5 minutes. Plus; sometimes I need to step back and realize that I am no where near Tony’s level on resistance. His arms are probably three times the size of mine.

      Thanks for the support! I start creatine supplements next week so I am hoping to put on some muscle. A little scared of water weight though.

      I am looking forward to your round two blog! Very impressive!

  2. You’re looking great so far! I am only a couple days ahead from you but nowhere close at what you are now! Boo, shame on me..haha! I guess I have to push myself harder. The tough part for me is anything to do with arm strength so push ups and weight/resistance bands are my weakest ones.

    • Hi Hattori!

      I am in the same boat with you on push ups and pull ups. They are my weakness. Just modify, modify, modify! Although small, I have seen improvements in both areas. I can keep up with push ups about 75% of the time. Pull ups on the other hand…. I can only do a few, then revert back to the chair. Just keep doing your best. I really do think that resistance bands are the way to go when starting off. Most people have the pull up problem.

      I checked out your blog and you are doing awesome! The pictures show that you are getting great results! Your diet also looks way more delicious than mine. I will make sure to follow your blog and check in.

      Thanks for reading!


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