Day 36: Really Trying to Bring It!

Day 36: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, and Ab Ripper X

Today felt good! I find this workout to be one of the most challenging (and enjoyable) so far. I am not the biggest push-up advocate, but I am seeing progress and really trying to push myself to failure with every set. I can do the clap push-ups, but one-handed pushups just aren’t happening yet. I have to modify and do my best. It will come with time.

Diet is good. Same as usual.

I was reading a few P90X reviews earlier today at lunch and found a lot of criticism regarding P90X. Some say it is too much exercise for the body to stay healthy, others say that P90X is not for people who are serious about fitness. The funny thing was, none of the authors ever mentioned trying P90X. I guess this is understandable. They probably didn’t have any free time, because they were too busy drinking soda, eating potato chips, and typing up their reviews.

The real review: P90X works. I can’t believe the results that I am seeing. I feel more healthier, energetic, and confident than I have in years. I may not be a fitness expert, but I know what results look like when I see them. Just check the day 1 pictures.

Tip of the day: If you run across people who doubt P90X, or doubt your ability to do it, keep going. They will probably change their mind after they see your results.

9 responses to “Day 36: Really Trying to Bring It!

  1. thanks so much for the words of encouragement and advice. I will definitely do stretch x next week.
    Don’t worry about not having those one handed push ups yet! you can do it!

    • Hi Chelsea,

      You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to do a one-handed push-up. I will be impressed with myself if I get it by the end of the 90 days. If not, there is always round two!

      Thank you!

  2. It makes perfect sense that the people talking trash about P90X have not tried it. I know I would be lieing from only 1 weeks worth of experience if I said P90X wasn’t working.

    • It was really interesting to see some of the view point.
      They completely condradict the real results that thousands of people are seeing.

      I think some of the authors might have given up after week one and are holding a grudge.

  3. Whaaat?! Clap push-ups?! I just started doing semi-deep push-ups. How will I keep up with the gang after recovery week? Gulp, I’m a little afraid. You must be 10 times stronger than me. Will it be soo hard once this week is over? I don’t want to feel like I’m starting p90x all over again 😦

    About those stupid reviews… P90x works. It used to take months for me to get where I am when I was a frequent gym-goer. I look really good, especially when you consider I’ve been doing this for only 3 weeks.

    I was really stressful yesterday. My personal life is keeping me down. But yesterday’s yoga was great. I did better than last week. I guess there’s still hope for me 🙂

    • Hi Sena,

      It is always good to hear from you. Don’t worry about the clap push-ups. They are easier than you think.

      Week five really isn’t at all like starting over. There is no disabilitating sorness, and you still have Yoga, Plyo, Kenpo, and Stretch X in the mix. Think of is more as your next challenging. It is a little harder, but just enough to push you to the next level. You will do great!

      When I am stressed out, I find that P90X helps me take my mind off of things. It also makes me feel productive. I hope things get better for you.

      Keep it up!


  4. Pete you wanna hear the funniest story? Tonight after work a close friend of mine said she was going over to her neighbor’s house and invited me to go along with her. Turned out it was a plot to introduce me to this neighbor’s nephew 🙂 They were extremely nice and the lady of the house prepared lots of food for us- which were basically made of sugar, flour and butter. Did I mention SUGAR?! I really had a hard time to turn the food down. You can guess how awkward it was if you know little about Turkish hospitality. I got away with having little bites of some of the food. And it felt… not awesome, just plain yucky. It wasn’t the food, it was me! Eating only healthy stuff for weeks made me feel disgusted even when I see that kind of food. I thought I missed having desserts and pastries but nope, not a little bit. I was starving when I got home. Anyway, I have a workout to do now – core synergetics! My first time! Wish me luck. I gotta bring it, at least I can burn off the stuff I had to eat.

    Your blog is getting more popular 🙂 That’s great! I think your advice is really helpful so it’s good to reach more people.

    Take care Pete 😉

    • Hi Sena,

      That is great. I know that you have always eaten fairly healthy, but I have not. I also feel that same way about the foods that I used to crave. Knowing how unhealthy they are makes me cringe at the thought of eating them. I feel bad sometimes because I see other people eating them all of the time and I don’t want to judge anyone. I used to do eat the same thing, but yuck….

      We have a large Muslim population and a Middle Eastern student association at the college that I work at. About a year ago they had a picnic and invited me. The students were so nice and as soon as I arrived, made me a huge plate of food and a plate of bake goods. I was stuffed, but they insisted that I help myself to more food. I don’t think that I have ever eaten so much food in my life. I know exactly what you mean by the hospitality. I felt bad when I couldn’t eat anymore. They even sent me home with more sweets! I am glad that I wasn’t on the P90X diet then. I would not want to be rude.

      I hope that you enjoyed Core Synergistics-gestics, whatever… I don’t think it is even a real word.

      I am glad that people are enjoying the blog. That is what it is here for!


  5. ( spelling error. core synergistics. how did it become a word? even spelling that is difficult. at least my version rocked! 🙂 whatever…)

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