Day 35: P90X Stretch X… Trying to Forget the World

Day 35: Stretch X

This past week has been insane: work, exercise, homework, sleep, repeat. The weekend gave me a little extra time to go grocery shopping and clean the apartment, but not much time to regain any sanity. Thank you Stretch X. I pushed play and focused on feeling good. It was such a relaxing hour.

Unfortunately, I am back in reality and have a paper that needs to be submitted within an hour. Who grades papers at midnight? Although taking blended classes (a mix between the classroom and Internet) is suppose to be convenient, I think they give you more homework because your accountable in two places. I would also argue that the midnight deadlines for assignments are a little arbitrary. Sorry for the rant, just tired and going crazy.

Diet was good today.

Tip of the day: Although Stretch X may be slow, you have to enjoy it. Slow down from your fast-paced life let the world melt away.


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