Day 34: P90X Week Five Coming to a Close

Day 34: Kenpo X

I forgot how much I love Kenpo X!  You are dripping with sweat by the end of the hour and you can tell that results are on the way. It goes by quickly and you walk away energized. It is really a great workout once you have the form down.

Diet went well. I eat the same thing everyday, so there is really no room for error.

Also, I ordered my creatine today. I decided to go with MuscleTech Creakic. It comes in pill form so I don’t have to worry about drinking a nasty fruit flavored shake. I am also stacking MuscleTech Leukic for faster gains and MuscleTech Gakic for endurance. My goal is to put on as much muscle as I can during the second half of P90X. We will see if this stuff works.

Tip of the day: Speed up during Kenpo X break times. Your heart rate falls during the karate moves and break is an opportunity to get back in the zone. Try to run faster than Tony and the gang and keep your knees up.


2 responses to “Day 34: P90X Week Five Coming to a Close

  1. Hey Pete, I ran across you on Erin’s blog…I am on day 15 and absolutely loving every minute of it. I will now be checking in on you from time to time.

    • Hi Renee,

      Congratulations on starting P90X! Isn’t it great?

      I am a big fan of Erin’s blog. I started reading around day 60 and was hooked. She was actually my inspiration for taking the leap of faith.
      I was a fitness dummy at day 1, so the program has really been an educational experience. The coolest part is: It works!

      Thanks a lot for dropping by. I would love to hear about your progress as time goes on. You are probably already seeing results!

      Keep up the hard work!


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