Day 33: Find Your P90X Happy Place

Day 33: Back, Legs, and Ab Ripper X

Today was a busy day. I managed a large event today at work, came home to complete a homework assignment that is due tonight, and didn’t start my workout until 9:00 p.m.. I was exhausted before I even started. Something different happened. I drifted off during the work out and let my mind go blank. The time drifted away and the workout was over before I knew it. I found my P90X happy place and finished strong with Ab Ripper X. Tony is right. I hate it; but I love it.

I am sooo glad that it is Friday. This week has been non-stop with no time to relax. I have more homework due tomorrow, but at least I can sleep in!

Tip of the day: Stop looking at the timer and find your happy place! This gets easier to do as you memorize the exercises. Once you get to this point, you can intentionally loose track of time and fly through the workout. Coincidentally, your mind starts to focus on what you are doing and your form starts to improve.

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