Day 31: Have You Seen My Gut Lately?

Day 31: Back and Biceps, with a side of Ab Ripper X

Today was my first day of Back and Biceps. Pull ups are still not my strong point, but I am doing my best every time. This exercise has a special treat: corn cob pull ups. I think I was able to do five tonight. Ouch! Even though that sounds lame, I really did push through this exercise and brought it all of the way. I used 25 lbs. dumbbells for almost everything and adjusted as needed. I am really starting to appreciate the Bowflex dumbbells. They were a really good purchase. For Ab Ripper, I kicked butt! I pushed as hard as I could, even when I felt like giving up. Loving P90X today..

Diet is good. I balanced it out a little bit for phase two. Still taking in a ton of protein and looking forward to starting creatine supplements next week.

Now…. For the post title… I know that my camera is pretty crappy (I use my laptop’s built-in web cam), but I am starting to see some abs popping through and had to get a picture of that. It’s no six pack yet, but I am happy to see the progress. Can you believe that this is that same guy from the day 1 pictures?

Tip of the day: Don’t be afraid to push pause and adjust your weight. I am starting to realize the importance of using the right weight. If you want to get size and definition, you need to take 30 seconds and make the right adjustment. Push yourself and don’t settle for less.


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