Day 25: Woke Up on the Wrong Side of the Arm

Day 25: Stretch X

I took the day off of work and relaxed for the most part. I decided to take a little nap in the afternoon and that’s when it happened! I woke up and my right shoulder was killing me. I laid on it wrong and it HURTTTS! I still had to do my workout, so I sucked it up and went for it. Most of the workout went fine, but I could not even do the arm circles! My arm is feeling a little better, but it hurt to flex in today’s pictures. Tomorrow is Yoga X, so it better be alright before then! 24 hours and counting…

Diet went well. I am going out to Mongolian BBQ tonight. It is a restaurant with a buffet of raw ingredients. You put what you want into a bowl and they grill it up on a big community grill. I am excited to see what P90X concoctions I can come up with. No rice, no tortillas, lots of proteins!

Tip of the day: Don’t be stupid and sleep on your arm. If you decide to despite my warning, skip any exercises that cause you real and sharp pain. It does not do any good to hurt yourself further.


4 responses to “Day 25: Woke Up on the Wrong Side of the Arm

  1. Hi

    Sorry about your arm 😦 You couldn’t have seen that one coming.. No matter how hard we try to stay healthy and focused sometimes there will be something getting in our way. Last week I took a painkiller for a non-p90x related ache. Turned out it wasn’t good for my sensitive stomach and I had a terrible ache for 4 days. I mean 4 days with a constant ache! Proud to say I haven’t missed a single workout. In fact working out was kind of pain relieving. Must be the endorphins doing their thing. But you did your best, that’s the only thing that matters. Hope you feel better today.

    Yesterday’s yoga was ok. The first half hour is killing! I couldn’t do some of them, the last few ones before balance poses. I don’t remember what they’re called, you know what I mean. Flexibility is good, getting stronger at the arms 🙂

    How come some people have great results? Maybe you saw this before but check this link out: The guy has some serious benjamin button action going on. Will we be one of those people smiling with triumph? Oh, I hope so. I realised some people have lost significant amounts of weight during the first month. Why don’t I? I wasn’t overweight to begin with, could it be a reason? I feel guilty for not seeing faster results. 😦 I’m nearly half way in the first month.

    By the way, I hope things will turn out the way you told about my boyfriend. He’s too young to have a fat belly, only 26! We’re two very different people. I’m the go-getter and he’s the laid back and dare I say, lazy one. But the idea of me getting stronger than him is really funny. Hehehe, that would be awkward. 🙂

    I’ll meet with a friend after work. I didn’t really want to, I have a schedule you know. I can’t miss a workout but she insisted. I’m planning to go home earlier than usual. Wish me luck with my workout!

    • Hi Sena,

      Thank you. My arm is still a little sore today. I have decided to do Yoga X anyways and do the best I can.

      Congrats on the yoga getting easier. You will be doing all of the poses in no time. It really is rapid progression week to week.

      I think that the people who have the best results stick to the diet. Since you don’t have much weight to lose, your muscles will build faster and the little fat that you do have will dissipate. You will likely see much more definition in your stomach by day 30 than most. I am still waiting for mine. Although I can feel a six pack coming, I still have some fat to lose. Don’t worry; Most people don’t see major results until they are in phase two. You will get there, but part of the challenge is patience.

      I hope you find time to fit your workout in today.

      See you later!

  2. Hey! It stinks to have an injury when you are trying to work out! Don’t worry, you shoulder will be feeling better in no time!

    Keep up the good work!! You’re looking great!

    • Hi Erin,

      Injuries really do suck. I read about your knee injury and it sounds like that has always been a problem.
      There is a fine line between pushing yourself and hurting yourself.

      This arm thing kind of came out of nowhere. I don’t even know how it happened. I am in rest week so I am going to continue with the work outs and do my best. Yoga X tonight, Core Synergistics tomorrow, and Stretch X on Sunday. If my are still hurts tomorrow, I might flip-flop Core Synergistics and Stretch X.

      Thanks for the support! I hope that you are right about it going away quickly.

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