Day 24: Kenpo X Fast Forward

Day 24: Kenpo X – Day 3 of Rest Week One

For some reason Kenpo X was WAY too easy today. I had to go faster than the dvd pace just to keep my heart rate up. My muscles were also tighter than normal during the pre-stretch. I think that the lack of resistance this week has given me more energy and tighter muscles. Could this be muscle confusion? I can definitely tell that something is different.

Everything is good with the diet. Nothing different today. 

I had the idea of adding a page to this blog that allows readers to submit their P90X YouTube transformation videos at the 30, 60, and 90 days. As the readership is now over 200 views per day, I thought that it would be interesting to see who else is out there reading. If this is something that you would be interest in, let me know.

Tip of the day: If a workout is starting to get easy, kick it up a notch. Just as you modified to make the workouts possible in the beginning, you need to modify to push yourself as you advance and workouts get easy.

2 responses to “Day 24: Kenpo X Fast Forward

  1. Hi

    I like the definition in your arms and shoulders. Right now I’m lacking what you have in that area. But I feel stronger, I’m getting better in doing push-ups (on my knees of course) and I hope tonight’s yoga poses will be even better. It was tiring to do “downward dog” because we keep coming back to it again and again. Did you go higher with the weights?

    By the way what’s keeping me from doing a complete push up is I feel weak in my core. I can’t lift my body. It’s more about core than my arms I guess. Am I doing something wrong or is this possible? I’m not familiar with push ups even though I’ve been working out on and off for 3 years. I never thought I needed them, neither did my instructor in the gym. The other women who were mostly housewives trying to lose weight were like “You’re so skinny, why are you even coming here? To show off?” We have this crazy idea in here about how women don’t really need to be active or strong. Just thin. Even my boyfriend says he doesn’t want me to get muscular. He has a big belly but I can’t convince him to do p90x. When he saw the videos he said “I admire your dedication but I can’t do this” Nobody in my life is physically active or fit. My brother maybe… I guess I should be the one to set an example. Can doing core strengtening exercises make me look boxy? Or is it more about body shape?

    I checked out the link you found for me yesterday. Thank you, it was so kind of you. The gnc one has high cholesterol in it. How about this one? Even with shipping included it’s nearly half price of gnc one. If I didn’t make a mistake in calculation of course.

    Thanks for your help, your blog keeps me going. It feels like I need to report how my journey goes.

    • Hi Sena,

      Sounds like you are getting better each day. Rest week really does not have much resistance training. I plan to start using 25-30 lbs for each exercise after after rest week. I have been sing 20-25 lb. Core Synergistics requires much lower weights because you are doing ab work at the same time as lifting.

      Keep doing the pushups on you knees. Lift your legs higher a little each time and make sure to keep your core in a straight line. You will get to normal push ups faster than you think. Push ups have more to do with the core than the arms. It works the pectoral muscles in particular. That is probably why the woman at the gym didn’t think they were important. They don’t necessarily want to get muscle in that area. The thing that most women don’t realize is that muscle burns fat and lifts the areas that they focus so hard on. The problem is, most women only focus on losing fat, which never works how they want.

      I definitely think you should be the example for the people around you. You can be fit and muscular without being boxy or unfeminine. You boyfriend will probably ask to borrow the dvds when you start getting stronger than him. Thats how us men work.

      The whey protein that you found looks really good. The Nutrition Facts are great! It will really help you build some muscle.

      Keep reporting in! I am now expecting it.

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