Day 22: Using My Yoga X Spidey Powers

Day 22: Yoga X

Yoga X kicked off the first day of rest week. I had a strange burst of energy come half way through and I was doing poses that I never thought possible. I even held crane for a 5 second slow count! I blew through Yoga Belly Seven with no problems. Talk about spidey powers. By the end of the work out I had to have shed ten pounds in sweat. I feel great.

Diet went well. I treated myself to a top sirloin steak and egg beaters for dinner. TONS of protein. I have a little bit of homework to do before bed. Tomorrow is core synergistics. We will see what that means… I am excited to move forward and get on to the next phase. Bring it!

Tip of the day: Take baby steps on tough exercises like crane. Here is how my crane pose progressed:
Yoga X Week One –  Child’s Pose
Yoga X Week Two –  Feet on the ground/head on a block
Yoga X Week Three –  One foot on the ground/head on a block
Yoga X Week Four –  Short 5 second crane pose
Hang in there and try a little more each week. You can do anything.

3 responses to “Day 22: Using My Yoga X Spidey Powers

  1. Hey 🙂
    Congratulations on doing crane position, I can hold with my toes on the ground so far. Yoga was fun for me, I think it’s because I’m pretty flexible to begin with. Yesterday while I was doing chest and back work out I realized I’m gaining some upper body strength slowly. But the work out was definitely better than day 1. At least I did not feel lost. Didn’t want to throw up either, which is an improvement. The first time I did ab ripper, I felt dizzy and wanted to cry. I used to think I was pretty strong, admitting my weakness was hard but you don’t have another option if you’re a beginner with p90x… You’re right, I don’t feel as sore as I did last week. Last wednesday I had difficulties in walking because of plyometrics. I wonder how I’ll feel tomorrow 🙂
    It’s good to see you can balance life with your work outs.I have a full time job and by the time I get to the house its 7 pm. Thank God I don’t have research papers to write… So I can only see my friends on the weekends. But with all those homework, work and p90x, can you spare some time for your personal life?
    One more question, do you have someone to inspire you to get in shape? My high school bf had this amazingly gorgeous sister. She was a professional athlete. I saw her wedding pictures recently and my God, she’s still perfect. I don’t look bad, people often tell me I’m in great shape but you know how we always want to look as best as we can? I know I can do better and nothing tastes as good as looking your best feels. Let’s keep each other posted, seeing your progress makes me want to push play even when I feel too tired to work out.

    • Thanks Sena! I did not think that I would ever be ready for crane. It’s a miracle!

      Plyometrics will be a breeze for you today and you will be shocked by your ability to walk tomorrow! The soreness period is really over for you at this point.

      Right now I am just focused on my fitness, school, and work. I do hang out with friends maybe once a week, but I decided to go through an accelerated Masters program and knew that time wasn’t going to be a luxury. That is part of my personality though. When I decide to do something, I like to go full force and let nothing get in the way of meeting my goal. I may not have much time with friends, but it will be well worth it in a year and a half when I am finished. I also want to make sure that I am in good shape and ready to enjoy life when I am done with school.

      I really don’t have anyone who inspired me to get fit, and honestly never really cared about what I looked like or how much I weighed. But in the past year or two, my body has been telling me how out of shape I had become. I had a hard time being as active as I used to be and didn’t have the same energy level. I was becoming the typical lazy American watching TV every night because I was too “tired” to go anything else… Yuck! I decided that I wanted to change, so here I am! I do have to admit that you are 100% correct about how looking your best makes you feel good. There is a big boost of confidence that comes along with working to be in shape. It is earned confidence.

      If you have someone who inspires you I think it is great, but remember that everyone’s body is different. Do the best you can and be proud of it.

      Thanks for reading and posting!

  2. “If you have someone who inspires you I think it is great, but remember that everyone’s body is different. Do the best you can and be proud of it.”

    I knew you were going to say that! Actually I’m a few inches taller than her so when I’m sure I’ll have better results when I’m done with this round of p90x. At least I hope so 🙂 Now it’s time for me to work out. See you

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