Day 21: P90X Phase 1 Coming to a Close

Day 21: Stretch X

Today was a relaxing and slow workout. In the beginning, Stretch X was a little bit of a workout. Now it makes me want to fall asleep. I enjoy the break from cardio and resistance. It really is refreshing. It gives the body and mind a little time to heal before the next week.

Talking about next week……. I am now officially in rest week of Phase One!!! I am almost through the first 30 days of P90X. Unbelievable! Here is what the week will look like:

Day 1 – Yoga X 
Day 2 – Core Synergistics 
Day 3 – Kenpo X 
Day 4 – X Stretch 
Day 5 – Core Synergistics 
Day 6 – Yoga X 
Day 7 – Rest or X Stretch

I love Yoga X! I Love Kenpo X! I love Stretch X! But Core Synergistics? Hmm..
That sounds like abs to me. Could it be an hour of abs twice this week? We’ll see…

2 responses to “Day 21: P90X Phase 1 Coming to a Close

  1. wow i can definitely see the changes. your arms look bigger and you’re right about the abs. congratulations!! i’d like to put some muscle on my arms but don’t know how heavy i should be lifting. i have 3kgs dumbbels at home but they’re too light for me. the arm workout was not really a challenge for me, it’s obvious that i should go heavier. what do you suggest? i’ll start doing chest and back in a few minutes, aah wish me luck! even plyometrics was fun but trying to keep up with tony and the gang while they are flying thru pull ups and push ups is a real pain 😦 i’m just too weak. i hope one day i’ll catch up with them…

    • Hi Sena,

      If you want big gains in the resistance exercises you really need to push yourself hard with big weights. You need to go into failure after 8-10 reps. I am doing 25 lbs. (11.34 kgs.) for the majority of the arm exercises and I use 20 lbs. (9.07 kgs.) for the more intense back exercises and extended arms training. I get a good burn but need to go to even higher next week. 25 lbs is becoming too tolerable.

      I suggest going to the store and trying curls with 11 or 12 kg weights. If you can even get to 15 reps, they are too light.

      This is one area where I love my adjustable dumbbells. You will make muscle gains quickly and will need a new set of dumbbells each month. If you have the money to spend on some powerblocks or bowflex dumbbells I would highly suggest making the investment. Especially if your a long term P90Xer (which it sounds like you are). It is a matter on dishing out a few hundred dollars for adjustable weights now, or slowly spending a few hundred dollars are weights over the next year. Your choice.

      Don’t worry about keeping up on pull ups and push ups yet. Just try to do one more than you did last week. I can’t keep up with them yet, but I am improving each week.

      Keep it up Sena!

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