Day 20: The Six Pack is Coming!

Day 20: Kenpo X

Today was one of those busy days. My first research paper was due for my MBA. It was assigned on Monday and involved a competitive analysis, financial overview, and SEC filing summarization for a major company. Of course they assigned other homework and discussions each night of the week to make sure that I didn’t have time to work on the report after a 8 hour day at work. So I spent ALL day writing and just finished.

That is right, I haven’t gotten to my workout yet. I am about to start in about 10 minutes (11:00 p.m.). I hate working out at night when  am getting tired, but have to do it in order to stay on schedule. I must keep going! Only 70 days left.

Now… For the title of this blog post… The Six Pack is Coming! 
I noticed something different today. I have a considerable amount less fat on my stomach and I can feel a sheet of muscle coming through. I am excited to say that the I can actually tell that the six pack is coming. It is not visible yet, but I wouldn’t doubt if it started to come through within the next 20 days.

Tip of the day: Hold in there… Visible results come around day 30!


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