Day 19: Therapeutic Resistance

Day 19: Legs, Back, and Ab Ripper X

Today was a pretty rough day for me. It was the end of an exhausting week at work, I worked on my research paper that is due tomorrow, and I had some unexpected personal life issues arise. The last thing I wanted to do was work out, but I am glad that I did. The exercise seemed like it took forever because I was tired. The upside is that I had some time alone to think. Who would’ve known that weight training can be therapuetic.

Diet went well today. Lunch was provided at a budget meeting that I attended. I refused to give in and brought my lunch bag full of healthy food with me. It just made me realize how bad people eat. I was one of those people stuffing my face with cookies and soda, so I really can’t judge. P90X just made me more aware of food value and the need for healthy fuel.

Lastly, I want to talk about physical improvements that I have been feeling. My weight and body fat % have been fluctuating over the past few weeks. My daily pictures look a little better than day one, but the main thing that I have noticed is that I have been putting on muscle. I can feel new muscle that definitely wasn’t there in day one. It is not really visible because I haven’t lost that much fat, but I have noticed some big gains. That feels good.

Tip of the day: When life gives you lemons, push play. Don’t give up on your bad days and don’t make excuses. You might even feel better after an hour and a half of working out.


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