Day 16: Into the Fire

Day 16: Plyometrics! By the end of the workout, it felt like I had been working out inside of an oven. I was exhausted and a little dizzy, but I was really keeping up tonight. Going airborne the whole way through! Next week is recovery week. I can’t believe how fast time flies. I am nearly a third of the way through. Recovery week sounds like a blessing, but I have yet to see what Core Synergistics consists of. For some reason I feel like I am walking into a trap.

Diet is good. Same thing every day. I forgot my lunch box at work yesterday, so I brought lunch in a clear plastic bread bag. By the time I made it to the lunch room to put it in the refrigerator, three people had commented on how big my lunch was. Little do they know, I have been eating that amount every day and shedding weight.

I am getting hungry and have homework to do, so I will have to cut this entry short.

Tip of the Day: Push through those cardio exercises (Plyo and Kenpo.) It may feel like you are going to pass out at times, but you will feel the fat sweat right off of your body. Just make sure that you put an equal amount of energy into stretching. It will save your joints.


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