Day 13: Slimming Down Chuck Noris Style

Day 13: Kenpo X….. Check!

I just finished up with Kenpo X. My only complaint is that Tony flies through the workout without offering much advice on form. You start to catch on after a while, but there is a lot of wasted time in between. I saw improvements over last week and was much better at keeping up with the pace of the dvd. Also, I am bustin’ out the jumping X’s with very little effort now. Big change from week 1.

You may be wondering about the title… Well, I weighed myself after Kenpo and found out that I had lost weight fairly quickly:

Week One:  From 202.0 lbs. and 19.5% body fat to 206.8 and 16.5% body fat

Week Two: From 206.8 lbs. and 16.5% body fat to 201.2 lbs and 17.2% body fat (today)

I basically gained a bunch of muscle in week one, and that muscle is now burning fat like crazy. I am starting to see some physical changes. Nothing major, but it is good to know that P90X really works. The quick results are motivating and I am feeling much more physically fit.

Tip of the Day: Gaining muscle will help you burn fat. A lot of women that I have talked to are afraid of putting on too much muscle. However, building muscle will accelerate fat lost. The two go together.


2 responses to “Day 13: Slimming Down Chuck Noris Style

  1. Your weigh in after week one looks like an error.
    According to your calculations, you started with 39.3 lbs of fat, then went down to 34.1 lbs of fat and are now at 34.6 lbs of fat.
    In the first week you lost 5 lbs of fat but gained 5 lbs on the scale then the next week you lost 5 lbs on the scale and gained a half pound of fat.
    Not trying to knock your progress, that is great, but you might want to double check your data.

    • Thanks for the post BillyBob,

      I have been tracking my weight and body-fat percentage each day in an excel sheet. I will try to give a graph and detailed summary of my progress through the first month on day 30. My daily weigh-ins of weight and body-fat have jumped up and down quite a bit. I have heard many times that the first month of P90X is a the toughest to make sense of because of the amount of muscle being gained and fat being lost.

      Either way, I can see and feel a big difference and I am much happier with my body. Yesterday’s weigh-in showed 202.4 lbs and 15% body fat.

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