Day 12: Dragging through Legs, Back, and Ab Ripper X

It is day 12, time for Legs, Back and Ab Ripper X. The workout wasn’t bad once it got going… It has been one long week at work and all I wanted to do was crash out when I came home. I sat down on the couch, turned on the tv, and there was the p90x informercial. Talk about a coincidence. I think Tony is spying on me….

So I got off my butt and pushed play. It is time like tonight that I am thankful to have a pre-workout energy drink. I really do feel a nice boost at the start of the workout. I was able to get moving and pulled through. For this workout, I noticed that I was able to do more reps than week one. Some exercises doubled in reps. Ad Ripper X was fun as always. I can’t believe that I have done it six times already.

Anyways… I am getting hungry. I have 6 oz of top sirloin and a cup of vegetables that I need to get cooking. I decided to treat myself tonight and switch my protein from the usual (chicken breast).

Tip of the day: Tony sees you when your sleeping, and knows when your awake. Push play for heaven’s sake.

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