Day Eleven: Hello Yoga X, Goodbye Buddha Belly

Today was Yoga X; not your grandmother’s yoga….

It is nearly an hour and a half long and really makes you work up a sweat. Guys, don’t dismiss yoga as a “light” workout until you try the crane pose. I felt a lot better about my performance this week and was able to keep up with most of the session. My balance poses have improved 300%. After an hour or so, I really got into focus and zoned out from the world. Then Tony came with Yoga Belly Seven and broke me right of it. The extended meditation poses towards the end are necessary.

Not much to say about diet, once again… I am not cheating and looking at food as fuel that I need to keep going. Turning down brownies left and right.

Tip of the day: Improvements come quickly in week two. If you are in week one, feeling sore and unable to complete a good number of the exercises, hang in there. You will be able to keep up in week two and will shock yourself with what your body can do. Keep pushing… It will come.

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