Day Ten: This Way to the Beach…

Today was Shoulders and Arms with a side of Ab Ripper X.

Shoulders and Arms is pure weight lifting. The pace seems slower because there is no cardio, but time flies! This is my favorite P90X workout because I don’t feel as bad when I max out at a lower amount of reps. I love pushing as hard as I can with a slow and solid form. I can feel the burn and know that the job gets done. I definitely brought it harder than last week.

The diet is going strong. I eat the same thing everyday and the cravings getting are easier to resist.

On a side note, I had a friend asking me about P90X today. He has been hearing good things and is considering trying the program. For anyone else considering the program, make sure to check out the links at the top of the page. Initial Cost > Discount Breakdown will give you an idea of the equipment that you will need. So far, I am loving P90X and getting great results quickly. P90X is essentially what you make it to be. Ladies can eat a lower amount of calories and slim/tone. Guys can eat a tone of calories and bulk up. P90X gives you options and teaches you what you need to do to get the results that you desire.

Tip of the day: If you want to gain muscle and bulk up while weight training, lower your reps and increase your weights. Don’t be scared to max out early as long as your muscles are shaking and can’t take anymore. Eight reps may be the perfect amount. On the other hand, if you want to slim and tone, bring the weights way down and do a ton of reps. You should still have enough weight to max out.

4 responses to “Day Ten: This Way to the Beach…

  1. Great site, with alot of straight forward info about what’s really involved (intitial costs, nutrition, etc.) Enjoying your humor as well – all in all you are helping in keeping me motivated…. so thanks!

    You can already see an improvement in your pics even after just a short time.

    Best of luck-

    • Brian, Welcome and thank you! What day are you on? Make sure to keep me updated with your progress.

      When I was looking into P90X I quickly realized that you didn’t even need to complete day 1 to become a coach! I am all about the community factor of P90X, but it scares me to know that the requirement to give people advice, is paying a monthly fee for a blog. On top of that, most of the advice out there is tied into affiliate marketing and coaches are making a profit on the products they endorse. Not with this blog…. I hope to tell it how it is. If a product, supplement, or piece of equipment isn’t working out, I will let you know. Hopefully you can save a little bit of money and time.

      I am glad you can see an improvement. I think that I am blind to the change so far, but I am not worried about it. I have heard that real visual changes come around day 30. Until then, I will keep taking my daily pictures. I will be creating a time lapse video for days 30, 60, and 90.

      Thanks for reading and keep me posted!

  2. how long did it take before you could do an entire ab ripper workout? i couldnt even do one sit up or anything the first week after the workouts. second week in and i’m still struggling mightily. it is just so freakin hard!

    • Hi Kirk,

      I had trouble with a few of the ab ripper X moves in the beginning.. I had to modify the v up roll ups, take a break in the middle of fifer scissors, and take a break in the middle of reverse bicycles. By the second month, I was going all the way through with no modifications. By the second round, I started doing ARX twice on each resistance day. Although some of the moves never get easy, ARX as a whole will be easier for you as your abs develops.

      My advice with everything P90X is do your best and push your hardest. It doesn’t matter if you can’t keep up with the videos. Just make sure that you outdo yourself by one or two reps each time. As long as your are trying, you are making progress. Your muscles will grow and you will be keeping up in no time. Don’t give up on any parts of the workout. Just modify, modify, modify. For Ab Ripper X, take your shoes off and it will be easier.

      You can do it!

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