Day Nine: Still Going Strong

Today was Plyometrics and I am starting to see some improvements!

The biggest changes were in balance and flexibility. I kept up with the video and was running around 170-175 bpm for the entire hour. Maybe it was because I knew what was coming, but I feel a lot better about my performance this week. It is a lot easier to keep your form when you get into a rhythm on plyometrics.

I am a tenth of the way through my first round and feeling good. Tomorrow is the true test to see if I am past the soreness. It was really painful at first, but went away quickly. Now that it is gone, I am feeling better each day.

Tip of the day:  Push through that first week! Week two gets much better. Not easier, but better….


2 responses to “Day Nine: Still Going Strong

  1. just finished up day 9 and i cant believe that i was able to make it all the way through plyometrics. i didnt do all of the exercises for the entire 30/60 seconds, but i did most of them. last week i didnt finish and had to fight off puking a couple of times!

    i’m curious to see how i feel when i wake up tomorrow. i could hardly walk the morning after the first time doing plyo.

    this is a great blog btw. keep up the great work and thank you.

    • Hi Kirk,

      Congratulations on the progress! You will be in for a good surprise tomorrow. It probably won’t hurt half as bad as last week. DOMs (delayed onset muscle disorder), only lasts for about seven days. It happens when you muscles come out of hibernation. You are home free!

      It will get easier and easier as you go. I almost threw up on my first day of plyo as well. Before you know it, you might even start to think plyo is easy. P90X is a great program. You made the right decision.

      Thanks for the support.

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