Day Eight: Week Two… Here We Go Again!

Today was Chest and Back, and Ab Ripper X.

I focused on proper form and pushed myself harder! Some of the exercises had a few less reps, but the form was good; some exercises had more reps. I am trying to focus in on the burn and get the most out of each movement. I feel much stronger than last week and it feels good. I will admit that Chest and Back has been the biggest challenge so far. Disclaimer: I may say that plyometrics is the biggest challenge tomorrow. BUT THAT IS P90X! It is not meant to be easy. It is meant to push you to the limit everyday. 

Diet was good today. I have been eating the same exact thing every day. I did make two slight adjustments:
1. I replaced my 6 oz of breakfast turkey with protein burger patties (no buns). Getting sick of turkey!
2. I bought top sirloin in bulk and cut it into double protein portions (6 oz). I plan on treating myself once a week! 

As far as visual progress… WHO CARES! Some days this week I thought that I could see a change in definition. Other days, I felt like I was looking chubbier than normal. I am not really concerned at this point. Most people don’t really see major change until day 30. That is fine with me. Until then, I am going to focus on eating right and packing on muscle under the fat.

One last thought… Yesterday I had a group of friends over and they noticed the weights, supplements, push up bar, so I told them that I was doing P90X. Some said they thought about doing P90X… Some said that they could never give up their nightly beer… But one said that her new boyfriend completed P90X and had unbelievable results. He said that the program actually worked TOO WELL for him and he had to lay off because he was putting on too much muscle!

Tip of the day: Share your P90X journey with people around you. There may be someone you know, or may want to meet, who has experienced P90X. Use them as inspiration and keep pushing play.


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