Day Seven: Stretch X and One Week Review

Week one is over! Twelve more to weeks to go!

Today was Stretch X. It was relaxing, but certainly wasn’t a day off. Stretch X can be compared to normal people’s yoga, where Yoga X is normal people’s yoga on speed. I am feeling pretty good today. No soreness to report. Tomorrow is Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X, so Tuesday will be the real test to see if I am out of the soreness stage. I certainly hope so.

I still have to go to the grocery store today to restock a few items for my nutrition plan. Surprisingly, I will be spending under 30 dollars this week to restock my cabinets. Since I bought in bulk, some items will last for over a month (almonds, condiments, frozen veggies, frozen chicken, etc..) In addition, I was so busy working out this week and drinking water (instead of soda), that I didn’t spend a dime beyond gasoline. If this keeps up, P90X will save me a fortune! I am hoping to buy a used motorcycle in April, so the savings is great news.

Also, I did a lot of reading on creatine supplementation this week and decided to hold off. There is a lot of debate over creatine, but the fact is that it really does help to build muscle. There are no disputes on that. From my reading, I learned that creatine can be great when your body hits a plateau. Right now, my body is building muscle naturally and I don’t need any supplementation. I may consider creatine in phase 2 or 3.  I will listen to my body and cross that road when the time comes.

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