Day Five: Out to Eat! Late Night Work Out….

Sorry for the late post tonight: 11:13 p.m. on a Friday night…. and no, I am not drunk blogging.

After work, I went out with family to a restaurant. I am proud to say that I ordered:
1. Water with a lemon
2. House salad with low-fat italian dressing on the side (I only used a tbsp) 
3. Baked salmon glazed with olive oil
4. A double portion of steamed veggies

I didn’t get as much protein as I wanted for dinner, but that would get a little expensive with salmon. Instead I took an extra protein shake.

I know that going out to eat doesn’t sound that exciting, but this was my first real time on the P90X nutrition plan that I was surrounded by friends and family eating pastas, fatty steaks, thick chowder soups, and drinking unlimited amounts of soda. I could have killed for a Diet Coke (and I NEVER EVEN DRINK diet soda!). Instead, I did the right thing for my body and that was a big deal to me. I used to be the prime rib king! No more…

I arrived home around 9:00 p.m., made breakfast/lunch for tomorrow, and PUSHED PLAY!. It was Legs and Back tonight, with a side of Ab Ripper X. I did the best that I could and feel good about it. It wasn’t my favorite, but wasn’t Plyometrics either…

Tip of the day: Try your best not to break your routine. Life is so much easier with a routine. Tonight I broke my routine by working out about 3 hours later than normal. BAD! I was burning calories for three hours longer than normal. I really felt it in the work out and started to get tired toward the end. Stay in school, don’t do drugs, and don’t break your routine…. I pitty da foo…


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