Day Four: Gettin’ My OM On!

Today was Yoga X and I didn’t know what to expect, but I loved it!

I used to do a relaxing form of Hatha Yoga years ago and always enjoyed the slow pace and meditation. Yoga X was much faster, and you are encouraged to do push ups in between poses. The closest thing to meditation is three OM’s at then end of the video. I did my best and was happy with my initial progress. Never be afraid to modify, as long as you hold the form.

The first half of the video takes you through a number of poses at a fast pace, then switches over to balance postures; a much needed relief. Just when you think it is getting easy, yoga belly 7 comes in! These are basically Ab Ripper X poses that you hold for up to a minute. Ouch! Next comes the relaxation: legs and stretching. There was one pose that I couldn’t even do modified: the Crane Pose. I will keep trying each week, but this will definitely take some time to conquer.

The great thing about Yoga X, is that you get to stretch out your sore muscles. Today was much better than day 1, 2, and 3, but I was still sore. After Yoga X, the sore muscles are nearly gone. I definitely felt a burn tonight, and will likely feel a new soreness tomorrow. It is finally tolerable soreness though; a good soreness…

Also, I wanted to say that I really enjoyed Arms and Shoulders yesterday. There was little cardio and a lot of weight. It was a really nice change from Plyo.

Tip of the day: You gotta have faith! Although day two plain sucked, and day three really hurt, I am starting to see that the rotation of exercises is designed to give you some relief just when you need it. P90X takes you to the edge, brings you back to your comfort zone, then repeats the process. If you have faith that relief is just around the corner, you can do anything.


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