Day Two: Ouch!

Today I was in PAIN!

I went to work and moved in slow motion the whole day… My boss was calling me an old man because it would take me 30 seconds just to get up from my desk. Every time I reached for something, I sounded like a sad puppy. It was brutal…

I made it home at 5:00 p.m., slowly climbed the stairs to my apartment, and got ready for P90X Plyometrics. They say that this is the most extreme part of P90X. Although I was sore, I sucked it up and went full force. Surprisingly, the soreness in my arms and abs disappeared half way through the work out. Maybe I was being distracted by the new soreness coming into my legs. To be honest, Plyometrics wasn’t all that bad. To be honest, I have a lot more work to do on my chest and abs.

Something else happened today…. Remember how I said that I was about to explode from eating for than humanly possible yesterday? Well… Today I was ABSOLUTELY STARVING! In fact, I just ate dinner and I am still hungry. I think they I will add another 6 ounces of protein to my diet tomorrow.

The lessons for today:

1. Your body and appetite will rapidly adjust to the calories that you need/burn. If you are stuffed on day one, that is ok. You will be hungry and need to add food on day two.

2. The P90X videos are REALLY fast for beginners. Tony and the gang are running through the work outs like it’s nothing. Remember that they have already put in their 90 days. They likely put in years of exercise before the dvd’s were made. Unless you are starting at their level, don’t worry about keeping up. Concentrate on form and modify as needed. You will gain speed and endurance as your progress.

3. I have been reading a lot of blogs and people are asking, am I too out of shape for P90X? Here is the bottom-line on that question: You will not be able to keep up with the exercises, or even do some of the moves…. But you need to start somewhere. If p90 is the answer, so be it. If you feel like a challenge, go ahead and get P90X and modify everything/take your time until you are in good enough shape to go full force. Don’t be afraid to start working towards your goal. You will never get there unless you take the first step.

Good luck and feel free to leave a comment if you ever have any questions. So far P90X is working for me. I have a lot more energy than normal and I am feeling soreness like never before. That soreness is a good thing. In two weeks, I hope to see some progress in my performance and decrease in the pain. As they say, I am going to keep pushing play.

2 responses to “Day Two: Ouch!

  1. I really like the way you have structured this blog. Job well done. Anyone who even thinks they may want to start P90x should read your blog. My wife and I started P90x in late December. We made it to week 4 (recovery week). We went on vacation and had every intention on staying on the program. You know how hard it is to stay on track while on vacation. We completly fell off the program. We didn’t get anything done and even worse we didn’t eat right. Before the trip I had actually lost 18lbs! Today after searching beachbody’s message boards I have found that we need to restart our program. Looks like day 1 will be in the morning. We will be following your blog. Good Job!

    • Hi Jason,

      Thank you! I did a ton of research before deciding to go for it and didn’t want to waste everything that I had learned. Hopefully it will save some time for the next guy/girl thinking about starting P90X. Today was day 2, so I haven’t been tempted to quit yet… I could only image how a vacation would throw a wrench into the plan. My only plan is to suck it up and push through it. If that means missing out on some fun, so be it. I am also hoping that this blog will help me. Maybe I will gain a few readers to hold me accountable.

      Congrats on your new day 1! It really means a lot to get up and try again. It sounds like you have already made some progress. Hopefully, that will give you and your wife the upper hand in round two. You can do it. Just keep setting aside that hour every day and you will get there.

      I look forward to your comments and how that I can offer some support as well.

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