Day One: Kill Me Now!

Sorry for the horrible quality pictures. I had to use my macbook webcam because I couldn’t find the charger for my digital camera.

Hi everyone,

I just finished DAY ONE! I must say, the vacation to hell was extraordinarily painful! Satan wasn’t available, so Tony Horton was my tour guide. I did learn something….I am definitely not in as good of shape as I thought.

The Nutrition Plan: I have never eaten so much food in my life!. Imagine being force fed three times as much as you would normally eat in a day, by a sumo wrestler; then try to drink a low-sodium V8 juice.  That stuff was actually more painful than the workout. I read that this was going to happen, but my eyes were bigger than my stomach. I am going to remove 1 protein shake tomorrow and see how it goes. It felt like I had ten grandmothers following me around all day, telling me that I needed more to eat to grow into a big strong man….

The Work Out: Just because I said that the diet was bad, don’t discount the misery of the work out. Today was Chest and Back, followed by the Ab Ripper. I thought I was the tough guy who was going to knock this program out! WRONG! Not even a quarter of the way through the work out, I found myself doing knee push ups and using a chair for pull ups. Tony and the gang were knocking out 30 reps for each exercise. I was crawling in with 10-15. We did 12 different exercises. By the time we were finished, I literally felt like I was going to throw up. Then Tony Horton made us do all 12 exercises a second time. My reps dropped to 5 by the end of the hour.

Ab Ripper X…. This may be my nemesis throughout this program. Maybe it was because I just got my ass kicked by Chest and Back, but I was having a really hard time doing most of these exercises. On Wednesday I am going to do less reps and focus more on form. It fact, that was the major lesson of the day. Learn how to do the exercises before you push yourself to the edge.

By the way, the recovery drink was horrible! Yuck! I think it is a mixture of chalk and orange tang. Whey protein and N.O. Explode were tolerable. Tomorrow is Polymetrics! I am going to be hurting, but I will show up and “bring it.” Even if “it” turns out to sounds like a 4 year crying on the way to the dentist office.


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