Welcome to my REAL P90X Review

That’s right; I am NOT a Beach Body Coach and I am NOT trying to sell you anything. So you are probably asking, “Why does this blog exist?” 

Three reasons:

1. To offer an honest opinion to those thinking about buying P90X. When I was researching P90X, every results/review page that I came across was trying to sign me up into Beach Body’s multi-level marketing “Coaching” program. I really don’t like a sales-pitch when I am trying to find user opinions. I bet you don’t either.

2. To stay motivated and keep a digital record of my progress. I know myself pretty well, and know that I am going to need a little motivation. Beach Body wanted me to sign up for their, $2.99 per week, training club. I am a business student and not falling for all of the cross-selling and re-occuring payments. Besides, why pay for motivation when blog comments are free?

3. To make a few friends and offer whatever help I can. Friends are always better than money, and I strongly believe that you shouldn’t have to pay for them. If you have any question or just want to contribute a motivating comment, please do! I will do my best to update this blog at least once a week and answer any questions that you may have.

If you are interested in a REAL HONEST P90X REVIEW, follow me through the next 90 days. We will find out if P90X is the real deal.

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