The Beginning of the spEND

I have been researching P90X for about a month and finally ordered my P90X program, equipment, nutrition, and supplements. It cost a fortune and I had to take out a small mortgage (See Initial Invest >Discount Breakdown), but I try to see the upside in things: I have no choice but to be committed. Besides, after the initial investment, it will only cost $$100.00 per month for supplements/vitamins. That is four meals at a restaurant per month. With all of the diet restrictions and time that I devote to P90X, I might even end up saving money off this program.

With free shipping, the majority of products will arrive in approximately ten days. They gives me just even time to enjoy going out to dinner, drinking a few sodas, and be a little lazy, before the pain comes

With P90X you work out six days per week and have one day of rest/cardio. So you need to start the program the day after you want to rest. I want my day off of P90X to fall on Sunday. Therefore, I will begin the program on a Monday. I plan to record measurements and take pictures every single day, to record a realistic of my P90X progress.

If you are considering purchasing P90X and want to follow along, feel free to subscribe to my email list. You will receive one email every time there is a new posting. No junk mail or unwanted messages. My next post will be when the products arrive. I will post pictures and give you my first impressions.

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